February 2, 2010 – Norwood Marking Systems / Allen Coding Systems, recognized worldwide for high-quality thermal transfer and hot stamp printing equipment, announces that ac codiergeräte gmbh, commonly referred to as Allen Germany, has joined the ITW family of companies. This strategic acquisition brings Allen Germany’s strong R&D team into the ITW family and enables Norwood / Allen to continue offering customers the unique large format thermal transfer printers – the NGT Series – designed and manufactured by Allen Germany.

Based in Würzburg, Germany, ac codiergeräte designs and manufactures premium contact coding systems and has established sales and service channels in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey as well as Germany.

“When ITW acquired Allen Coding U.K. in 2006, we negotiated with their biggest distributor, Allen Germany, to sell their large format printers worldwide. Now, with the acquisition of Allen Germany, we have an even stronger value proposition and more diversified global operations,” said Larry Kulik, General Manager of Norwood. “Customers benefit from our broad product line, which features best-in-class technologies, as well as our extensive service organizations and expanded R&D capabilities.”

NGT Series Large Format Thermal Transfer Coding Systems

The NGT Series of coding systems is capable of producing the largest print area of any thermal transfer coder in the world. The NGT 8 C achieves a print area up to 8.4 inches (213 mm) wide and 19.7 inches (500 mm) long at speeds up to 9.8 inches (250 mm) per second. Other NGT models are available for applications with smaller print areas. The intermittent and continuous motion NGT printers are ideal for marking industrial bags and boxes that package food used by the foodservice industry and for marking blister packs and bags packaging medical devices, including IV bags. The NGT printers are also ideal for marking bags used to pack fertilizers or feed and grain, bags and boxes used to pack textiles as well as printing labels for bulk containers in which chemicals are packed.

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